What is Soundproofing?


Have you ever been a victim of unwanted noise? Or indeed, have you inflicted this on others? If so, you will be aware of how irritating unwanted sound can be. Many people simply try to ignore these unwanted sounds, such as noisy neighbours or loud music, and hope that it will eventually cease. However, there is an alternative. Soundproofing may be the answer to your noise problems.

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Stop exterior noise with Soundproofing


Many different homes in different areas are affected by levels of noise that can be a burden to everyday life. They can interrupt the main time you need peace and quiet which is when you attempt to sleep and throughout the days and weekends with the hustle and bustle of other people’s lives.

Public transport demands have increased and therefore there is an increased chance that you live in the path of at least one form of consistent transport routes. You may live near the local airport; railway or the constant passing of late night and early morning buses. There is no need to accept that these disturbances are just part and parcel of your life in your current home. There is also no need to consider moving home to escape it. Imagine how much money it costs to move home when you include new home costs, selling your home, redecorating and moving costs as well as the time and stress it involves. Continue reading

How To Prevent Noise In Your Home


There are certain occasions when you expect to come across noise. Walking up and down a major road, travelling by public transport, listening to music through your headphones, going to the local pub or nightclub are just a few examples. But one place where you do not expect to hear noise, or at least hope that it will not become an issue, is in your home.

Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t this lucky. Noisy neighbourhoods are prevalent throughout the UK, with the noise generated between households often causing conflict and tension between neighbours. But rather than reach the stage where noise makes you want to relocate or report the person responsible to the local authorities, you should consider soundproofing a room. Continue reading

Acoustic Soundproofing That Delivers


As noisy neighbours complaints continue to grow around the UK and new homes are built with sub-standard soundproofing. Bickering between neighbours has become common place and it can make for an uncomfortable atmosphere around your neighbourhood.

When noise becomes an issue between two properties, instead of letting it becoming a problem between neighbours, homeowners are now soundproofing their own home to protect from external noises.  Not all exterior noise are a problem of neighbours but can also be from cars, public transport, commercial premises  and other elements which are out of the control of the people. Continue reading

Sound proof your home

soundproof your home

There are many times when a person might want to reduce the amount of sound coming into or leaving a room. Making a room soundproof involves stopping or reducing sound waves by using certain building techniques or materials. There are many methods available, and choosing one will depend on the room itself and the amount of money that you are willing to spend. To make a room soundproof, you might have to make changes to the walls, ceiling, windows, doors and any cracks or openings. A few things that will help make a room soundproof include using a double layer of sheetrock on walls, with a layer of silicone or another sticky sound-dampening compound in between them; installing double- or triple-hung windows; installing a drop ceiling; and installing carpet padding and carpet on the floors. Continue reading

How to stay on good terms with your neighbours

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In our busy lives peace and quiet is cherished at home. Unfortunately living in modern homes normally means noise from neighbours can sometimes be a problem, due to poorly soundproofed walls. This noise can be created by a neighbour who feels they are not being excessively noisy but can cause great distress to you. This can lead to an uneasy relationship with your neighbour.

We all abide by the unwritten rule to try to keep our nose to a minimum to stop any disturbance for our neighbours. In a perfect world you would talk to your neighbours any time there are noise concerns to avoid any conflict. Continue reading